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2034 mama awards. bigbang perform Fantastic Baby for the 23rd consecutive row. GD brings his wife onto the stage as she goes into labour. The baby arrives wearing a crown and a YG tshirt. He has become the fantastic baby. All VIPs bow down to worship their lord and saviour.


SM ends up firing the idols one at a time. Until there is one left, and they can be happy together. The CEO’s long time and beloved friend……..the only one who understands them……………Shindong.


sm: [is down to only 2 groups that still have all their original members, one of which has only been around for like 8 seconds]

shinee: my momma said i have to go home right now immediately


sm: due to *spins colorful wheel* scheduling conflicts, *throws a dart at board* shinee’s minho *picks card* was uninvited to our birthday party?


the public: wow yg has so many scandals… seungri in the hospital..
sm: wait, look at us.
the public: park bom… 
sm: wait GUYS look at US
the public: now this ikon business?? wow yg….
sm: Jessica is fired